We are NOT in this together!

Ben Seaman
2 min readJan 9, 2021


Skating on the Oval track

Some people are having a more challenging time than others during COVID lockdowns. January and February are the hardest months in Canada due to the limited outdoor activities available and less sunshine hours. Imagine the difference of living in a small condo in a big city vs living in the country and being able to enjoy the outdoors easier. There is a large discrepancy in the conditions that all of us are battling so let’s all show some consideration to everyone’s challenges.

There is an increasing divide in our society that is being further aggravated by social media. You see the post everyday where one side disagrees with medical experts and push conspiracy theories. The other group over simplifies the solution and has no respect for those losing their small business, workability and livelihoods.

Now is not the time to further push divide but come together for a common goal of compassion for both sides of the Covid challenges. If somebody is having a hard time with homeschooling their children while working from home (like many of us parents), try and offer to help. If you have the ability to support your local small business do it by purchasing directly from their website (not amazon) or your favorite local restaurant takeout. Do not be a keyboard warrior but make an impact on your local community by donating time or money to your local charity that cannot raise money like they used to.

The biggest impact one can make is through changing their mindset to make our society a net positive. Ask yourself, what positive thing did I do today that will make my local community a better place to live? Here are some easy, free examples of helping your local community be a better place for all (including yourself)

-Volunteer (online or in person)

-Start a fundraiser for your favorite charity

-Smile, Wave, pay it forward to a random stranger

-compliant and leave a glowing review on a local company’s Facebook or Google page

-Shovel your neighbors driver

-Spend more time with your kids outdoors if possible

-Check in with someone you think is alone during these isolated times

-Help a friend if you know they need help

-Use social media for good by spreading positive messages

-Follow local good news stories that your local media produce

This list could go on and on but the moral of the story is that one person can make a major impact on their community. Image what the majority could do!

Stay safe, positive and compassionate



Ben Seaman

Co-Founder of Riverwood Acoustics, Dad, Product Development and Marketing Enthusiast, Small business champion