What does #BuyLocal mean to you

  1. Logsend- a local family owned and operated logging company that doesn’t log, rather they retrieve logs nestled in the depths of the Ottawa river. The leftovers from a booming 18th century timber trade. The Black family business is dedicated to protecting the region for future generations to use, we’re proud to work with Logsend to get the best timber in the region for our Hudson Speakers. (https://www.logsend.com/)
  2. Bode’s Cabinets- With over 25 years of experience, Bode’s cabinets have a fixture in eastern Ontario and continues to grow. They help us transform the logs from Logsend into the finished product you see on our Hudson speakers. (http://bodescabinets.com/)
  3. Virtucomm metals — This custom metal manufacturer has the ability to create anything from metal with lasers, punches and unique fabrication process. (https://www.virtucommetals.com/index.html)
  4. Induspac — For over 45 year this company designs and locally manufacturer custom boxing solutions to ensure our speaker can withstand shipping of our product in presitine condition (http://www.induspac.ca/en/home.html)
  5. BICN — Renfrew based graphic design and printers have the ability to print anything from user manuals to promotion gear. (http://www.bicn.ca/)



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Ben Seaman

Ben Seaman

Co-Founder of Riverwood Acoustics, Dad, Product Development and Marketing Enthusiast, Small business champion